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Orange CA chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Iversen, uses modern equipment, advanced technology and a combination of therapies to treat sports injuries, help with pain and prevent injuries from occurring again in the future. Dr. Iversen has had great success in treating numerous professional athletes as well as weekend warriors. Athletes who participate in sports and other physical activity are more prone to injury due to an increased strain of the muscles and joints, as well as physical contact, which can lead to shoulder injury, back injury or neck injury.

Physical Therapist Care and Pain Relief

Although a sports injury is caused by overexerting the muscle joints, tendons or ligaments during an activity - perhaps do t over-training or failing to properly stretch and warm up prior to activity - there are many specific types of sports injury that can occur.

Car accident injury patients who have Ankle injuries are also common among athletes, because many sports require running, landing or jumping on the feet with heavy impact. Approximately one in every three ankle injuries is a sprain that could be as minor as an overstretched ligament or damage to the soft tissue in the neck can be hard to detect and even harder to treat. Chiropractic adjustments combined with physical therapy will assist in faster pain relief and enhanced healing in the muscles and deep tissues. Although it is best for treatments to begin immediately after your accident, car accident injury pain can be treated when symptoms occur weeks or even months later. Rehabilitation techniques can be implemented whenever injuries are prevalent or pain flares up.

Personal injury is another ailment that can be treated with corrective exercises and therapeutic techniques. A slip and fall accident at work may require rehabilitation for back injuries or strains to the neck. Other personal injuries such as bulging discs or sciatica can be healed with physical therapeutic techniques. Extensive rehab programs available at Back in Line Rehab Center will target injured areas and help strengthen damaged muscles. Our chiropractor will tailor a treatment plan to meet your individual needs and get you relief for back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal pain that is causing discomfort. Personal injury patients will enjoy faster pain relief with our modern therapy methods and once your pain subsides, we will work on lifestyle changes such as better nutrition and more exercise to help avoid muscular injuries that are preventable.

Frequent, gentle exercises may be a part of your general rehabilitation routine. Range-of-motion movements are beneficial for healing after an injury. These exercises work on strength training, stretching tight muscles and aerobic conditioning. As you make progress and begin to heal through therapeutic exercises and massage, muscles and ligaments become stronger and you will be able to do more difficult exercise and activities. Our staff will advise you on the proper techniques and routine for your individual needs.

Different physical therapy techniques include electrical stimulation, heat and cold compress or electrical devices and hydrotherapy. Our chiropractor will make assessments to determine the best physical rehabilitation program for your injuries. Visit Back in Line Rehab Center for a full consultation today and begin your journey to healing and becoming pain-free.

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