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At Back in Line Chiropractic Rehab Center, we practice a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to helping people overcome personal injury. What may seem to be an isolated symptom in one area of the body is often rooted in a musculoskeletal misalignment in your spine or even some other area of the body. Our Orange CA chiropractor Dr. Iversen frequently unites the beneficial effects of chiropractic care with skilled massage therapy as part of a complete treatment plan.

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Chiropractic care and massage go hand in hand. While spinal adjustments focus on the alignment of the vertebrae themselves, our massage therapy in Orange CA focuses on the soft tissues—the muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue (particularly the fascia that surrounds the muscles). The condition of these soft tissues directly impacts spinal alignment, overall body balance and function. Dr. Iversen can realign the spine multiple times, but unless the supporting soft tissues are working harmoniously to support proper alignment, our job is incomplete. This is why we usually recommend massage either before or after adjustments for rehabilitation from a personal injury, a sports injury, and in cases of chronic back pain.

Our chiropractor has received advanced training in a number of therapeutic massage methods. Active Release Technique (ART), for example, is a movement based method of soft tissue therapy that is more advanced than deep tissue massage. Dr. Iversen uses his hands to evaluate the soft tissues, looking for adhesions like scar tissue and tight, knotted areas that restrict normal range of motion and cause pain. Instead of the patient lying still during this process, Dr. Iversen has the patient move during both the diagnosis and treatment phase in order to more effectively, yet gently locate and then break down the scar tissue. He is also skilled in Myofascial Release therapy, which focuses attention on treating damage, trauma and inflammation in the fascia that encases and supports the muscles.

Chiropractic Orange CA Office Massage RoomEach patient’s condition and needs dictate the type of massage or combination of other physiotherapy and chiropractic care modalities prescribed. No matter what type of sports or personal injury a patient has sustained, there is definitely a combination of therapies here that can help. In general, massage carries with it a wide range of benefits that can alleviate a long list of conditions from neck pain and back pain to headaches and injuries in the extremities.

Massage increases nourishing circulation, loosens musculoskeletal tensions, reduces inflammation at the cellular level, and releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, into the bloodstream. Breaking up scar tissue and adhesions also helps people regain optimal range of motion in the muscles, which helps support balanced movement and a healthy spinal curvature. In many ways, massage is a powerful stress reliever as well, which can improve a patient’s overall outlook in many areas of life and health.

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